güçdemir   güçdemir
GUCDEMIR was established as a construction company in the year 1981. GUCDEMIR gave services as Construction Consultant & Engineering Ltd. Lia. Co. since the year 2001.

GUCDEMIR provided Project Management, Construction Supervision and Technical supports to the various organisations and establishments such as EU Delegation in Turkey, Central Finance & Contracting Unit (CFCU) which is the Prime Ministry Organization for EU funded projects in Turkey.

GUCDEMIR provided consultancy services for the international companies to bid the tenders in Turkey.

GÜÇDEMİR provided construction design & built services to the embassies as a contractor for their security projects.

GUCDEMIR is registered in Ankara Trade Chamber.

GUCDEMIR has vast experience in the project management and supervision of constructions and is proud of giving such services.